Korea vs japan

korea vs japan

Korean and Japanese armed forces comparison. Here you can compare military power of countries. The question you're asking is really broad and, often, subjective. So I'll try to make this as objective as possible. 1. The Koreans have a higher human deve. Level of respect. Elaborating on what's already been mentioned, the level of respect to be between Korean and Japanese culture (e.g. social structure and etiquette)? What is it like to interact with Koreans vs. interacting with Japanese? Not a writer but i think you should leave out the self accolades when putting down a country. Why should America apologize for bombing Japan??? Kawaii, Japanese cuteness, has been a vital part of Japanese culture for thousands of years. This is because of that way of thinking, the self-after-others pov that keeps crime rates low and communities clean. Unfortunately, Korea did not have that chance. So, while the Japanese do not bother to steal lost wallets, and even take them to a police station, what do the Koreans do? I love the Tokyo public transport system, the food is far cheaper and less greasy than my home country New Zealand and rent is about on par with Wellington NZ capital. I may just choose South Korea for the food! While Japanese are more polite and friendly. My socks stayed on with Japanese food. Island life as a whole is far different than living on the mainland. Both Japan and South Korea have their unique appeal, and which is the country that would emerge as your choice travel location would definitely differ according to your preferences as the traveller. The food, transport and medical services are fantastic. Just an FYI, Tokyo is not a representation for all of Japan.

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Big corporations like airlines and remittance offered services for foreigners, but it was a nightmare doing anything else. I have lived in Japan for 4 years and found South Korea to be pretty similar. I see some couples doing PDA but its depends if thr couple wants to do it or not. Both countries have their pros and cons when it comes to being LGBT friendly. Like you guys said, crazy and raw and always a party…. Actually I was analyzing kind of… where to live and start my career as an accountant.

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Loving it runs so thick through my half Mexican veins. Korea is all about the spicy food, so if you like it, come here. However, I cannot see through them many times. I've lived in both. November 8, at 1: When I was in Japan I met this nice Japanese guy over some chatting application before I went there.



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